Sunday, December 27, 2015

Media Installing Fear in Americans

President Obama blames American's fear of ISIS, the black masks with ISIS flags on the media. The President implies the media is blowing up the situation with ISIS.

Should Americans fear ISIS? 9/11, the California attack and the Paris attack should open the eyes of Americans. The United States is not invincible to all the evils of the world.

 Knowledge is power. Being aware of our surroundings gives us the power to stop future ISIS attacks and ISIS supporters attacking our way of life. Knowledge brings awareness. The President wants to suggest, we have nothing to worry about. Ignoring the threats against Americans will make us vulnerable to attack.

You don't have to walk around in constant fear and building bunkers to be aware. Be aware of what is going on around the world and in our community. Ignoring what was going on around us, allowed Muslim extremist to build their cells in the United States.

Donald Trump is winning over the votes of Americans, because he vows to aggressively go after Islamic Extremist. Donald Trump is a smart business man, but I fear he lacks the knowledge and experience to fight ISIS.

Americans want a strong leader who represents the American people. Obama lacks the aggressive techniques needed in defeating ISIS. Not only does he lack the aggressive techniques needed to defeat ISIS, he lacks the want to defeat ISIS.

The media can be known for adding fuel to the fire of an already explosive situation. It is a balancing act, a person has to have the knowledge to intelligently formulate their own opinions on a situation.

Censoring the media removes our freedom of speech and removes our ability to gain knowledge of our surroundings, making us blind to the world. It is no secret that Obama has put pressure on the media and certain individuals who disagree with Obamaism.

Therefore, Obama is going to blame the media for any hysteria that may exist among the American people about ISIS. Rather than blame his lack of motivation to defeat ISIS. The lack of aggressiveness against ISIS makes Americans feel vulnerable to an attack fueling hysteria.

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