Friday, December 3, 2010

Our Fate Rests In The Hands Of Politicians

I went to college so I wouldn't have to do shit jobs like the one I'm doing now just to attempt to help pay the bills. A few bad decisions made by politicians has changed our fate and quality of life for millions of people. Life is no longer what we knew it to be and we have no real control of what our future holds for us now. Our fate depends on the governments willingness and ability to bring about change to the economy.
I remember back in the days when you would watch movies about the future. They portrayed the future as being something dark where there are two classes, the wealthy and the poor with homeless people everywhere. Little did they know, they had a glimpse of the future. Maybe slightly dramatic to make the story line more interesting for the big screen. But, they were close to the reality of the near future. Crime has risen all around us, homelessness is up, millions of people are struggling just to pay their rent and buy food for their families. I have watched my property value of my home drop by almost half because of all the foreclosed homes around me. It's not even plausible to sell you home anymore because you will owe more on your mortgage than your home is worth. Things aren't hard enough and now congress wants to cut the income of 2 million more people by cutting their unemployment benefits. The government doesn't care about the fate of their own American citizens. They will let us burn just to keep their standard of lifestyle. Let me ask a question. Why hasn't anyone in the government been made to take pay cuts? They feel they are above the rest of us. They really don't care about what happens to the average American as long as their standard of life goes untouched.
When I got laid off, I thought... I will be fine and I will be back to work in six months. After all I have multiple degrees and skills. Little did I know the the economy would tank like it did. If things don't improve soon, we are looking at our future looking a whole lot more grim than it does right now.

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