Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The "N" Word

Why do so many young people drop the "N" word every time your turn around like it's nothing? I hate that word, it drives me absolutely insane. Why did that word have to become such a popular word any how? Want to be white people use that word more than black people. Everyone is a "N" according to them.  Black or white, no matter what you may be, I think that word should be left alone. Its "N" this and "N" that. I just want to tell them to shut the hell up and go back to school and learn proper English. I am no angel, but that is a word I just don't get. Why would you want to call someone a derogatory name and think it's cool? What about black people calling each other that word? What are they thinking? Thank God my husband doesn't use that word, because I probably wouldn't have given him the chance to get to know him well enough to fall in love with him. That word was used during slavery and segregation.  African Americans fought for their freedom and to be treated fairly. So, why would they call each other that name? STOP USING THAT WORD! (Yes, I'm Shouting)

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