Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wife Nearly Kills Her Husband Over The TV Remote

Deloris Holly stabbed her husband last week in St. Petersburg, Florida over the t.v. remote. Her husband, David Marion was watching Monday night football and she wanted to watch "The Closer". St. Petersburg police said Deloris got angry with her husband and ran in the kitchen and grabbed a 5" steak knife. Then she proceeded to stab her husband seven times. Stabbing him in the back of his head, face, shoulder and chest. Detectives on the case say she nearly killed him stabbing him with the knife so deeply she punctured his lung. The couple are newlyweds and have been married about five months. Now Deloris Holly is sitting in jail over the incident and is being charged with attempted murder. I guess a divorce is in her near future. I know some wives get frustrated during football season, but she took her frustration a little too far. I'm sure many women have threatened to kill their husband over their football obsession, but I guess Deloris was serious.

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