Friday, December 10, 2010

The Republicans Are Holding The Americans On Unemployment Hostage

I think it's bullcrap the Republicans are holding the Americans on Unemployment hostage to get tax cuts for the wealthy. I understand compromising is how Bills get passed, but that is totally wrong to hold the Unemployment hostage to get what they want. People depend on their unemployment for survival. If they cut unemployment then how will people feed their families or pay their rent and mortgage? They will be out on the street with no way to support their families. However, no longer giving the wealthy tax cuts isn't going to put anyone out on the street. So, how can they compare the two? They talk about the government not having enough money to pay unemployment, then how then they afford to give tax cuts to the wealthy. It sounds a little hypocritical to me. Wouldn't no longer giving tax cuts to the wealthy generate more money for the US government? If they were hiring people and generating jobs for Americans with those tax cuts then this country wouldn't be in this mess and people would still be working. Obviously, they are sticking the extra money in their pockets and generating jobs for people in Mexico, China, India and etc. Creating jobs is the last thing they are doing with the money they are getting from tax breaks from the US government. Americans can starve to death and live on the streets, but God forbid cut into the pockets of the wealthy and that is a sin.

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