Monday, December 13, 2010

3 Year Old Kenny Wagar Was Left On A Freezing School Bus

Three year old Kenny Wagar was left on a freezing school bus for three ours strapped into a car seat.  The bus driver forget Kenny, who was supposed to be dropped off at a local church for an after-school program on Friday, December 3rd. School was dismissed at 12:15 for an early dismissal for the head start and elementary students, so little Kenny sat on the bus by himself for three hours. When Kenny's mother, Karen Wagar stopped by the church to pick up her son, he wasn't there. After calling the bus garage, they found poor little Kenny sitting in his own urine on the school bus. A Penn Yan school bus driver, Janet Lane has been suspended and charges have been filed against for child endangerment. Kenny's mother says, Kenny is afraid to get back on school bus. If I was him, I would be too.  It makes you wonder where some people's common sense is. Some school bus drivers have no business driving a bus for the schools.

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