Monday, December 6, 2010

Extend Tax Cuts For The Wealthy?

As I was sitting here watching CNN this morning, they announce the Obama Administration is considering extending tax cuts for the wealthy.  What kind of bull shit is that? The Trickle Down Theory doesn't work.  When is the US government going to figure that out? The wealthy take their tax cuts and stick them in their fat wallets and continue to cut back on workers.  Since Bush created the tax cuts, over a million jobs have been sent overseas and America is out of work.  The whole point of creating the tax cut is to motivate companies to create more jobs and hire more employees.  Well, the opposite has happened. They want to create more jobs for Americans, then penalize these companies for sending our jobs overseas.  Impose a higher tax rate on the companies that manufacture overseas and the companies that send our customer service call centers to India.  Make it more affordable for them to employ Americans and less affordable for them to out source our jobs. For any products that is being shipped back into the US, the manufactures should have to pay a higher rate of taxes on those products being manufactured overseas and shipped back to the US for us to buy. Don't give them tax cuts for eliminating our jobs, force them to bring their companies back to the US by making them pay more taxes.  Their incentive should be paying less taxes for keeping the companies here and only the companies that have no manufacturing companies overseas should get tax cuts.

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