Monday, December 6, 2010

Children With Autism Get Left Out In The Cold Again

Our wonderful state of Michigan sat on a bill for 11 months to force insurance companies to pay for therapy for children with Autism and now the bill has expired.  Now these little kids are left out in the cold.  The bill has been passed in 23 other states and of course here in Michigan the insurance companies don't have to pay for therapy for Autism children. Autism is a medical decease and should be treated as one. Most insurance companies will pay for a breast reduction if your have problems with your back but won't pay for therapy for children with Autism because they claim it is too expensive and it is up to the schools to help the children. Schools are there to educate children not to treat our children and are not qualified to treat children with Autism.  Therapy for children with Autism has been proven to improve the child's symptoms of Autism giving them the opportunity to thrive. Children living with Autism should be given the opportunity to thrive and live a normal childhood. The ridiculous part about it is most people pay more into their insurance than they ever use and insurance companies are making a fortune off of us and are paying less with every year that passes. These children didn't ask to be born with Autism and their rights should be protected.

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