Tuesday, September 16, 2014

ISIS Recruiting Women from the US to join Jihadist Fighters

ISIS is recruiting women to be baby factories. ISIS is recruiting women to create the new ISIS Society. The idea is to recruit American women to have children and raise them with the ISIS ideology.

A Colorado teen has pleaded guilty to plan to join ISIS. She had planned to be a nurse for ISIS and was going to a ISIS camp near the Turkish border. Shannon Maureen Conley converted to Islam and planned to marry Yousr Mouelhi, who she met online. Conley was arrested at a Denver Airport about to embark on her journey to join ISIS.

Conley, who is a certified nurses aide now faces up to maximum penalty of up to five years in prison and a fine for $250,000.00. According to Conley's mother, she had met Mouelhi online and was talking to him via Skype. Conley's parents were aware she had converted to Islam, but they were unaware of her plans to join ISIS. Conley's parents, says their daughter and Mouelhi had asked for their permission to marry and they refused to give their consent for their marriage. 


  1. Love is indeed blind sometimes.
    In this case, looks like it was stupid, as well.

  2. Sad enough, you are very right. Sometimes it's an advantage, then there are those times, it is used to prey on young girls seeking love and acceptance.


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