Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Judge Jeanine: We are not ready for war with ISIS

Judge Jeanine says, we are not ready to go to war with ISIS. I agree with her, we are not ready for a crisis in America. So many people go about living their lives and not knowing what is going with our country, It is easier to get into the United States than it is to get into the United States from Canada, our friendly neighbors.

We are at war with ISIS, but yet the borders have still not been secured. With all the thousands of immigrants that enter the country every year we are opening our country open to attacks. Not securing our border is asking for terrorists to come into our country. Iraq is in the position they are in, because the Iraqi border is not secure, allowing anyone who would like to come into the country go right across the border into Iraq. The United States is no different. We just recently was faced with the immigration debate over the massive numbers of immigrants recently crossing the border. What do we do? We provide them shelter and food and allow them to stay. It is ironic we are now at war with ISIS and we are dealing with the security problems of borders and homeland. Hopefully, now Obama sees how important it is to secure our borders. It is not about being compassionate and helping the less fortunate especially, when we have so many of our own less fortunate in our own country. A secure border should be top priority to protect the citizens of the United States.

The recent anniversary of 9/11 should serve as a wake up call to all Americans. Most of Americans are not prepared for another crisis. I have visited Iraq in the early 2000's. I was there when the power went out and everyone huddled together fearing for our lives in the living room as the post office near by was bombed. It was a feeling I will never in my life forget. It is very possible the very same thing can happen right here in the United States.

With all the past infiltrations of our border and the bombings that have already occurred in the United States, we need to remember that it could very well happen in our own city. Securing our borders should be top priority. President Obama is failing to do his job as the President of the United States by not making sure that no one can enter our country without the proper paperwork and can not walk right into the United States without us knowing.

We are not dealing with a small terrorists group, we are dealing with an organization that is bringing in an estimated 5 million dollars a day. This is what makes ISIS a bigger threat than any other terrorist group to the United States and that is something every American should think about and prepare themselves and their families for a crisis.

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