Friday, September 24, 2010

The Schools $$ In Their Eyes

Schools are getting ridiculous. They rip off parents and rip off the students. It is getting so ridiculous, they are taking the fun out things.  My babysitter, who is in high school was over today and she was telling me, the high school charges $30 a couple and $20 a single to go to the Home Coming Dance.  Keep in mind, these kids only get some pretzels and soda in return for their money.  It's held in the high school gym so how much could it really cost them to hold the dance. They make it so some kids just don't want to go to the Home Coming Dance because they say it's not worth the money you pay.  And it it gets worse, she was telling me they charge the students a $1.00 to go the pep rally.  What the hell kind of school spirit is that?  Now what expense could they possible have in holding a school pep rally? Growing up, the pep rallies were free and the Home Coming Dance was only $5.00 a person.
Then my son is sitting at the dinner table and he announces, the middle school charges every student a dollar a day to participate in spirit week.  He says to me "Why would I want to pay them to where my pajamas to school or mixed matched cloths?" It's not like they don't make money as it is off the game alone and concessions, they have to charge the students to have school spirit. The Home Coming game is off the hook around here with all the proud Melvindale parents and alumni. Some of the parents are borderline ridiculous. They have turned school into a money making business.  My son says $2.50 a day isn't enough to buy his school lunch, it only buys him a hamburger and a drink. I have to send $3.00 a day just to buy him lunch. Another crazy thing is the schools don't give change. Yes, you heard me right. With all the those ones and quarters they get a day, they say they can't make change. The one day he goes to school with a $5, they didn't give him change and then the following day, they told him he had no money on his lunch account when he should have had at least a dollar. They are ripping students and parents off and getting away with it.  So, my husband called the school to see if we could get a pricing menu, the school says they haven't made one yet. So, how do they decide how much to charge the students if they don't have a pricing menu yet? The one year, I did go to the school and complain because they kept sending me notices home saying I owed money for lunch money and fed my daughter cereal for lunch because they say she owed money when my kids paid everyday. I would send their lunch money in a sealed envelope with their name on the envelope. They denied everything.  It got so bad, I had to go to the school and prepay and get a receipt. The funny thing was, she decided to pack a few times and the school never refunded the balance she had on her lunch account at the end of the year. That's a sin to steal money from kids like that.

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