Thursday, September 23, 2010


Some men and women get on a real power trip when they get in a position of authority and they push the limits when trying to show their authority. One obvious fact they fail to realize is, just like a piece of strong metal, if you exert enough pressure on people, they will snap just like the metal. To their surprise, they have accomplished the opposite of what they wanted. Over-stepping your bounds of authority only shows you are lacking confidence and lacking control in some portion of your own life. It is really sad when you don't have enough self confidence in yourself that you feel it is necessary to abuse your authority to make yourself feel good about yourself.  I am a firm believer in showing respect for other people and I expect the same in return. If you treat others with respect, you are more likely to get a positive response from them and have a  more productive work place or personal relationships others. Respect isn't something to be earned, it is our God given right as humans. You don't start with a little respect and gradually work your way forward. You give someone your full respect unless proven they are not deserving of your respect. Then you simply walk away and remove yourself from the situation.  One thing a lot of people don't understand about me is I will sit back and be quiet about a lot of things. I simply sit back and observe. I may call you out a few things, but I will still be respectful and I will give you the opportunity to turn things around. However, if you don't turn things around, I will wash my hands of you and the situation. I refuse to allow someone to walk on me. I refuse to be on someones path of destruction. If you feel the need to exert power over someone to control them, then maybe it's time for a self evaluation. People are not to be controlled, only to co-exist. If you co-exist successfully, life will run smoothly like a well-oiled machine.

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