Monday, September 27, 2010

Granholm has her eye on your unclaimed money.

Granholm signed a bill to reduce the State of Michigan's debt. State of Michigan has $208 million dollars of unclaimed bank accounts, payroll checks and safety deposit boxes and they have their eye on the money the reduce their debt.  The time that residents have to claim their forgotten property would be reduced to three years. After that, the unclaimed money goes into the state's general fund. Previously, financial institutions had between five and 15 years to turn over the contents of dormant accounts or safety deposit boxes. Taking unclaimed money from the residents of Michigan is not the way to go about this.  Because, I am sure they are not going to put too much effort into contacting you to let you know you have unclaimed money just lying around when they can get their hands on it. In all the budget talk, I have not once heard the concept of cutting back on their pay or expense budget as part of the solution. No, I'm sure that won't solve the problem. But, it's a start. You would be amazed to find out what government officials spend our money on. Personal jets, redecorating their office on a regular basis or when a new politician steps in they are given money to redecorate their office, big parties and events for schmoozing. When Jimmy Carter was President, he proved how much money politicians waste. If Jimmy Carter can do it, so can they in tough economical times.

To find out if you have unclaimed money in the State of Michigan click on the link below before they snatch it right up under your nose or call 517-636-5320.

Try typing in different variations of your name and if it comes up that you have unclaimed funds following the instructions to claim your money.

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