Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Zzzzzz.... Facebook & Myspace Revenge

Something that really amazes me is how people change once they're online. People say things on Facebook and Myspace they normally wouldn't say if they we standing face to face with someone.  They are hiding behind their computer safely snuggled in their homes or their jobs, wherever they may be and they feel free to openly bash others or just say stupid shit online. Don't take it personally, I'm not talking about anyone in particular, nor have I recently experienced it.  I just happen to notice all the crap people post on their status to piss off others. Facebook and Myspace are to bring people together, it is kind of childish to use it to fulfill your personal vendettas.  Seriously people, people really don't care about all the drama you decide to create as you hide behind your computer.  We just sit back, laugh and think "Wow, their life must be really boring." It just isn't isolated to a particular age group.  It's parents and grandparents too.  I'm sure, they have told their children as they were growing up not to do such things as tearing down others. But, they hop online and do the same thing they tell their children and grandchildren not to do. The kind of behavior you expect from children and teenagers.  But, adults? Shouldn't you be more grown and mature than that? Come on people, Myspace & Facebook is supposed to bring people together, not tear them apart. I don't want to read about someone ripping on someone else and trying to publicly humiliate another person. I want to read about the positive things going on in your life, like "I got a job, we're having a baby, my kid just painted the walls." Even if your just having a bad day. Here's a little food for thought, happiness, pleasure  or self confidence doesn't come from external factors. That is only a temporary fix. True happiness and confidence comes from within, until you learn how to find it from within yourself, you will never truly be happy or self-confident.  Hatred and anger is some really heavy baggage to carry on your back. Lighten the load a little and learn let go.  Please try and remember it is only as real as you make it. Please don't take offense. :)


  1. I have had people tell me they have a lot of what you are describing on Facebook but I haven't had much of that myself. I do note that some people are sometimes more or less (usually more) outgoing on Facebook than they are in "real life". On that, I think some people are just better writers than speakers.

    I do have some people campaign for political candidates and causes and frankly it is usually the opposite of my point of view and that is a bit annoying and borderline "spam" if you ask me. I do consider "hiding" these Facebook friends but then wonder why have them as a "friend" at all?

    I do agree that the whole Facebook phenomena is kind of fascinating.

  2. It seems to be more common amoung women. Some women live to tear down other women. I guess that's where the term catty come from. lol


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