Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Assistant State Attorney General for Michigan, Andrew Shirvell Openly Bashes Gay Students Openly Expressing Their Sexuality

The assistant state attorney general for Michigan, Andrew Shirvell has created a blog devoted to discrediting the University of Michigan's student body president, who is openly gay. The state protects employees rights to openly express their political opinion during off hours. Shirvell has started an all out war in his blog against college students openly expressing their sexuality. Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell has called student Chris Armstrong a "pervert" and "Satan's representative" on his blog, and admits to protesting outside the 21-year-old's home. He may be able to openly express his political views on off time, but I think protesting outside of a students home should be considered a hate crime and harassment. I am so tired of politicians thinking they can do or say anything they want to and get away with it. Too many politicians think they are invincible. It's time for somebody to do something about it. Andrew Shirvell should be fired from his job and made an example of.

Link to his CNN interview (The code has been disable).


  1. I saw that last night on CNN. I honestly could not believe it. The guy is a demented bully. Anderson Cooper made him look like a complete idiot but anybody could have actually. He was not even lucid. This is a State employee?

    I might have missed it but why haven't our local media covered this?

  2. Yeah. Can you believe he's a state employee? I'm a little confused about that one too. I'm surprised it hasn't been on Fox 2 News yet. Shirvell ought to be canned for harassment. Why shouldn't he have criminal charges placed against him. If it was an ordinary citizen, they could be arrested for something like that.


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