Saturday, September 4, 2010

10 Things He Doesn't Want You To Know from

From a man's point of view and a woman's point of view. What men don't want you to know and what she thinks about it.

Keep You Conquests Under Wraps
Safe sex is important. However, you don't want to tell her exactly how many women you have slept with. She may ask you, but she really doesn't want to know. She may not appreciate your conquests and you may be spending the night alone.

Your Income
Keep the size of your wallet in your pocket until you get a little further down the line. If you have the money, you can spoil her with the things she wants. If you have debt and are broke, she will most likely dump you anyway. (This one I agree with. Men just as much as women will latch on to a successful woman for financial security. So ladies, keep that monetary value under wraps too).

The Location Of Your Porn Stash
Most women like porn just as much as you do. But, they will never admit to it. They may feel like they are competing with a porn star in the bedroom. (Now, this one I don't agree with. She may actually enjoy watching it with you and the two of you can have some great foreplay and sex watching porn together).

Your Weaknesses
If she finds out, you cry during Bambi she may dump you. Woman say they want a sensitive man, but not one who cries during commercials or movies. Crying at funerals or over her is okay.

Your Strip Club Experiences
Do you like to go watch the ladies dance for an evening of erotic fun? Don't tell your lady she will twist it to her advantage and ask a lot of questions. (I don't agree being a woman).

Your Weird Fantasies
If your fantasies involve something that may be a little scary and dark to her or someone else. Keep those to the imagination. She may give you the boot as soon as she finds out.

Your Masturbation Habits
Keep the frequency of your masturbation habits to yourself. She may think she's not satisfying you sexually or think your a pervert.

Your Ex Memorabilia
She is really going to get pissed at you if she finds out your hanging onto the nude pics of your ex or all the old memorabilia of the ex-girlfriends. (I'd have to say I definitely agree with this one. If there an ex, the memorabilia need to go with the ex. Why do you want to hang onto something that isn't there?)

Your Embarrassing Moments
We have all had our embarrassing moments. I'm talking about the really embarrassing moments, the one's you don't want ANYONE to know. Revealing your most embarrassing moments is a visualization she may not want to know. It'll ruin your slickness right off the bat.

Your Cheating Past
Never reveal your cheating past if your trying to mend your ways and start new. She will never trust you. (Hmmm... I think a person has a right to know what their getting into. Don't you? People can change. But, if your a habitual cheater, she has a right to know).

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