Monday, September 20, 2010

Unusual Weddings

Okay, there seems to be a growing trend of people getting married in retail stores. Recently, a couple got married in the shoe department of TJ Max and another couple got married in Taco Bell.  That's a little ridiculous.  I understand they want their weddings to be unusual, but that is just tacky. Sometimes, I wander if people do stuff like that just to get on the news. Maybe she likes to buy shoes at TJ Max, but getting married in their shoe department is a little weird.  Last summer, my daughter was in cheer leading and a couple got married on the field of junior football game during halftime. Then the husband went back up to the booth to announce the game. I know it's not my business to judge where other people get married, I just think it's a little silly to get married in retail stores. It just adds cheapness to something that is supposed to be a special moment. If they would like to save money, then go to a JP. To each his own.

Taco Bell Wedding

Okay, what is he supposed to be?

Nice photo. Is this Halloween or a wedding? 

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