Saturday, September 18, 2010

My back aches & my skirts too tight.

A Madison Heights (MI) 6 year old was kicked off her cheerleading team because her mother disagreed with a cheer they were having her 6 year old daughter cheer. Her mother felt the cheer was inappropriate.  My husband and I can agree with her on the cheer. My daughter was a cheerleader and her cheer team chanted the same cheer at every game. It does look a little strange and inappropriate for young girls to be chanting "My back aches, my skirts too tight and my hips shake left to right" as they turn their back to the audience and shake their butt to the crowd.  The cheer would be more appropriate for older girls but not really for young girls. It is ridiculous the coaches kicked the young girl off the team and decided to continue with the cheer at their games.  And they call that team spirit. Being a team consists of working together as a team and sticking together. I'm surprised more parents aren't a little uncomfortable with their little girls cheering such a suggestive cheer as they shake their butts to the crowd. But, there is so much politics in cheer leading the parents would rather have their daughters cheer a suggestive cheer than risk having their child removed from the team. This goes back to the problem of young girls being sexualized at a young age.

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