Thursday, September 16, 2010

What you shouldn't do when your pulled over by a cop.

A lot of people make mistakes when being pulled over by a police officer.  Here are some of most common mistakes most people make when being pulled over by a police officer that may get them in some hot water.

1. Never argue with a police officer and question them. Your only going to piss them off.
2. Cussing at them is definitely the wrong thing to do.
3. Never lie. Police officers are trained to tell when someone is lying and they know the questions to ask    someone to get them to fess up.
4. Stay Calm and pull to the right. Put your hands on the steering wheel and only reach for something when asked to.  Police officers can get a little edging when someone starts reaching for something.  They don't know if you have a gun or not.
5. Turn on your interior light if it is dark out.
6. Don't boost about who you know. Most likely, they don't even know who you know and your just going to infuriate them and they consider it a threat and will most likely ticket you.
7. Never, Never try to bribe them. They will only enjoy arresting you even more.
8. Don't make excuses for the reason you were pulled over.

If you follow the basic rules, there's a good chance you will get off with a warning.
*Be polite
*Keep you hands in sight until your asked to get something
*Don't have an attitude with the officer
* Don't make them follow you for a while before you pull over.

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