Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kick Off

Okay ladies.... football season has officially begun. What are you to do? It's time to either go back to your old hobbies or find some new ones.  Back to watching those Lifetime movies and playing those Facebook games you gave up on for the summer. Anything to entertain yourself to keep your mind from going numb from the nonstop football on the television. Everywhere you look, there's football. Football commercials and football gear in the stores and  football on the tube. Football season has begun and your husband or man has found a new Be glad it's football and not a another woman.  Well, at least during the football season. Your time spent with your sweetie revolves around what game is on. Unless your a football fan yourself and then you two can spend your time bonding during the game. You gotta love them though, football is part of the man you love.  Don't worry, you can have him back after the Super Bowl.

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