Saturday, January 8, 2011

Second Chance For Convicted Felons?

All this BS with convicted felons now being offered all these jobs just because they go on television and give their sob stories is ridiculous. I'm sorry, they are convicted felons. There are plenty of people out there who has lived their life right, who have never been arrested and worked hard through out their lifetime who can not find jobs. If companies are going to hand out jobs, they should hand them out to the people who have worked hard and deserve them. I am tired of hearing about Ted Williams. He doesn't have a hard luck story. He came from a good family, had the opportunity to go to school and he screwed it up by doing drugs and committing crimes. I don't really care if he did pay his debt to society, now he should just be handed jobs because he spent time in prison and screwed up the his life and the life of his children. Plenty of people paid their debt to society by working hard and paying their taxes. So how did he pay his debt to society?
Now there is another convicted felon in Southfield, MI who went on television to get his sob story out there with the hope that someone will cut him a break and give him a job. Well damn, it worked. He got a job. He was in prison for murder. He killed someone and only got 18 years and feels he paid his debt to society. Well, I'm sorry. Eighteen years is not good enough. The person he killed and their family got a life sentence. They don't have a second chance and he doesn't deserve one either. 40 year old Marlon McDonald says to Fox 2 News "Someone died because of me, and that was unnecessary," he said. "That's my fault, and that is, I guess for a lack of a better term, my cross to bear." It's just not his cross to bear, the family of the person he killed also has to bear that cross for the rest of their living life. They didn't get just 18 years, they lost their son or daughter. Someone lost their sister or their brother or maybe even their mother or father for a lifetime, not 18 years. What is Fox 2 News going to go out and cover every sob story of every convicted felon that contacts them? Honestly, I think Fox 2 News should have turned down Marlon McDonald and went out there and covered a story of someone who has lost their job and practically everything they own because of the economy, not because they were a convicted felon and killed someone. Andrea Isom from Fox 2 News says "However, McDonald has paid his debt to society. He did hard time, almost 18 years behind bars for murder." Does she really think he paid his debt to society? What if that had been one of her family members he killed? Would she still think he paid his debt to society then? I am not saying they don't have a right to a second chance, just that they should have to work for it like everyone else. They shouldn't be handed a job on a silver platter. If these places want to hand out jobs, they should place an ad and hire someone who is deserving of the position.

Response To Second Chance For Convicted Felons


  1. Wow, and all this time, I thought Ted Williams was dead. He sure was a helluva ballplayer.
    By the way, I agree with you 100%.

  2. You are wrong. Everyone deserves a second chance at life. We can't give up on people who have made mistakes. Remember when we close the door on convicted felons,we only hurt ourselves. What you put out comes back.

    Let me explain further, when you close the door on convicted felons,and you will not hire them, you leave them with only one choice, and that is back to a life of crime. The crime they commit could actually come back to you or your family. On the reverse side, if you hire them, they can provide for their families, raise their children and teach them that crime is bad and maybe that same person can reach out to another convicted felon and guide them. These are the effects when help our brothers and sisters.

    Convicted Felon

  3. I am not saying they don't deserve a second chance. Just they should have to earn it like everyone else. It angers me when there is thousands of unemployed in Michigan alone and they hand a convicted felon a job just because he goes on the news and asks for a second chance. The job should have been posted for anyone who is interested in the position to apply. If he is serious about getting a second chance he wouldn't be sitting on the news whining about getting a second chance. He would be out there actively trying to find a job. The man in Michigan was only unemployed for a year. There are people out there unemployed longer than that looking for jobs. I have been unemployed for two years & I have multiple college degrees and I am having trouble finding employment. Believe me I am not being picky about what jobs I apply for. There are thousands of people in Michigan alone who are unemployed. Nobody is handing them jobs. If he is serious about his life back on track he will work on it. One thing I always teach my children is nothing will be handed to you on a silver platter, you have to go out and work for it. So, he needs to do the same as me and the rest of the unemployed, work for it. I'm sorry if your feel offended by the post. But, I think everyone should have to work for what they get.

  4. I think your thinking is in the wrong place. I respect your thinking, but lets look at it another way.

    Your life and unemployment situation is nothing more than the reflection of your thinking. Don't look at the outer circumstances for rational of what's happening in your life. Look within. Your life is nothing but a product of your thinking.

    Why do you think Ted and Marlon were able to find employment. It's because when you change within or shift your consciousness, the laws of life move in to place to accommodate that level of consciousness. Change your thinking, change your life and situation.

    This is how life works. Its nothing against you. There is nothing unfair about life. We may sometimes perceive it that way. When we truly look at life from a different perspective, and realize that we are the cause of our circumstances and situations, then and only then can we change it.

    Be happy for those two that found employment. This will cause a shift in your thinking and open the flow and abundance of life to you and you will find employment.

    Do things in the same way, you get the same results. Change it, and you change your life.

    I believe in you and know that you can be happy for those two that found employment. Change your thinking, change your life.

  5. Mrs E,

    I just read your profile and you have an interest to understand human behavior. I would really like to share some books with you if your open.

    I believe that I truly understand how life works. I use to think just like you and now things are working perfectly for me.

    I would like to share with you some of the things i learned and hopefully it can help you expand your thinking and open up the flow of abundance.


  6. To read my response click on the link in red above "Response to Second Chance For Convicted Felons"


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