Friday, January 7, 2011

Funny Misspelled Billboards

Bye Bye Cars.

The person who put up this board misspelled Charlie. lol

This was a big misspelling. They misspelled plaques. The company does plagues & awards. Hmmm.... sounds kind of dangerous to me.


  1. I love these! Not to be a self-serving so-and-so...check out the picture I use for my blog, Penwasser Place. While it's not a billboard, it's a parking lot sign in front of a Chinese Restaurant. To be absolutely fair, I would mangle any Mandarin Chinese sign I was asked to put up. So, on balance, their sign is pretty impressive for a group of folks whose first language isn't English.

  2. Thx. That is funny. For English to be out first language you find a lot mistakes on billboards & signs. lol


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