Sunday, October 5, 2014

CDC Warns Possible Travel Ban Possible If Ebola Worsens

CDC Director, Tom Frieden says preventing travel to and from West Africa can make it harder to deliver aid to the affected area. In my opinion, it's all about money. Think about how much money the airlines will lose by stopping travel to and from West Africa and the direct impact it will have on our already damaged economy. Stopping travel to and from West Africa is the only way to prevent an outbreak here in the United States. A questionnaire, isn't going to prevent the virus from getting into the United States. As with the most recent patient who brought the virus into the United States, people will lie on the questionnaire to return home. They know, there is a very good possibility they will be detained, if they say they have come into contact with someone with the Ebola virus. There is a dormant period is 2-21 days for the Ebola virus, the person may think they are not affected by the virus if they exhibit no symptoms shortly after being exposed to someone with the virus.

Am I surprised the Ebola virus has come to the United States? No, I am not surprised the Ebola virus has to the United States. History always repeats itself, there is open travel between here and West Africa and companies cut corners to save money. The end result of cutting corners is our safety is compromised. We have seen problem after problem from companies cutting corners to save money. The virus is already here, the only way to prevent an outbreak is to prevent all international flights between the United States and West Africa with the exception of aid workers on private flights to make sure the proper procedures are followed. I understand, there are US citizens in West Africa, but it is no different than any other situation. In my opinion, they put themselves at risk and the rest of the population at risk by flying to West Africa during an Ebola outbreak in the first place.  We do not have direct flights to and from Iraq for a reason. The Ebola virus is just as deadly as terrorism. We have already seen how many innocent lives have been taken, because of the Ebola virus on the people of West Africa. Thinking it can not happen here in the United States is being naive and the end result of being naive and taking the necessary measures to prevent an outbreak will directly cause an outbreak of the Ebola virus here in the United States.

Stopping international flights to and from West Africa will not prevent Ebola from coming into the United States completely, but it will limit our exposure. People will find ways around everything no matter what preventative measures you take. But, we have to take preventive measures to limit our exposure to the Ebola virus. Not taking preventative measures, is the same as throwing you hands up and the air and giving up right as the fight begins. 

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