Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Border crisis puts American's at risk for an Ebola outbreak

Interview with Chris Carbrera, a spokesman for the National Border Patrol Counsel, a union representing border patrol agents

The CDC warns Americans to restrict travel to and from West Africa. Our lack of border patrol security also puts American's at risk for a Ebola outbreak. Border patrol agents are concerned about Ebola crossing the border through Mexico. Immigrants from the three major Ebola hot spots cross our border every year. This is just one of the major problems associated with a lack of a secure border and allowing immigrants who cross the border to stay. 

President Obama repeatedly puts our country at risk and fails to listen to the warnings about what kind of impact mass immigration to the United States can have on our country. When you stand on national television and welcome immigrants with open arms, promising them shelter and a good future in America is only going to encourage more immigrants to come to the United States putting our country at risk for deadly outbreaks, an increase of illegal drugs being brought into our country, increase in crime rates and terrorism. But, the American people are the ones to pay the price for all of President's Obama's poor leadership and lack of good decision making skills.  


  1. One of my favorite Stephen King books is called "The Stand." It's the tale of a wildly virulent disease, Captain Trips, which flies out of control and kills millions. The result is a world none of the people who lived before CT would recognize.
    Uh, oh.

  2. Isn't funny how there are older movies and books about the same kind of historical events we have experienced or experiencing now and you look back and think it looks too science-fiction to really happen and it hits the nail on the head?


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