Friday, August 5, 2011

Which Is It?

I really wish the media would get together on this whole recession thing. One source says, we are coming out of the recession and another says, we are falling deeper in a recession. I tend to believe that we are falling deeper in a recession. According to the stock market, we are falling deeper in a recession and I tend to believe that more than we are not. One of the problems with these articles saying, we are coming out of the recession is they use the fact that unemployment is down. The big question is, why is unemployment down? Is it because people are actually back to work or does it have to do with more people are actually out of unemployment benefits and are still unemployed? Those people who are still unemployed and out of benefits are no longer counted as unemployed. Then you have to add in the factor, that some states shortened the length of time a person can collect unemployment. I truly believe that the majority of people on unemployment are collecting unemployment, because they truly can not find a job. Then there are the people out there who had jobs making $50,000 or more a year who are now doing minimum wage jobs or very low paying jobs. Those people are not included in the numbers either. Do you really think it's fair to say some one's economic situation improved if they went from $50,000 or more a year to a minimum wage job. That is worse than being on unemployment. You definitely can not support a family on a minimum wage job.

Not only are the adults affected by the recession, the children of the United States are affected by the recession. It's not about wearing expensive cloths or having material objects. It's about parents not being able to put food on the table for their children. Minimum wage jobs put people in the poverty level. Therefore, our recession hasn't improved. We have more people in the poverty level living in the United States.

The food banks are having a crisis. They don't have enough food to meet the demands, because there is a higher demand and less people to donate. Because, some of the people who used to donate are now standing in their lines getting food to feed their families with.

Schools are closing left and right in the Metro Detroit area. Why are the schools closing left and right in the Metro Detroit area? Because of the city officials stealing the money and more people losing their homes, which means less people to pay property taxes. If there are less people owning homes, then that means there are less money going to the schools, because a portion of your property taxes go to the schools in your district.

To me, the facts point to the recession has not made an improvement. We are forced to make changes in our homes and in society to live with the new way of life. Which is not for the better, but for the worse.

I think the government needs to spend less time trying to blow smoke up our ass and spend more time finding a solution to the problem. Low paying and minimum wage jobs are not putting Americans back to work. The only thing they are accomplishing with that is, starving America's children.


  1. First of all, I actually started my blog because my son and I were literally starving. I had to learn 2 years ago to coupon. We went the entire winter of 2010 without heat.

    I worked my whole life, I had never been in a situation where I couldn't take care of my kids!

    Second, unemployment is still a huge issue. I have a friend who finally found a job after 2 years of searching. Hundreds of resumes, calls, job clubs and just 2 weeks ago got a job. His unemployment ran out months ago.

    Another gentleman I know literally got on his knees and begged an employer for a job.

    It's time to be "our brothers keeper." Every free item I can get at the store - food, shampoo, deoderant, paper towels, candy and pet food I donate. I hope that many will follow suit! Please!

  2. Your right, it is still a huge issue. The media and the government just like to make it look better than it really is. I would be in the same situation if it weren't for me being married. I used to be a single woman with children. I know what it is like. It's very hard.


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