Thursday, August 4, 2011

10 Year Old Boy Held At Gun Point At A Local Day Camp

Steven Satovsky, the president of the Beverly Hills Club. 

In Beverly Hills MI yesterday, a 10 year old by was held at gun point by two boys wanting his shoes, the camp counselors allowed recess to continue on and the parents weren't notified about the incident until they picked up their son from the day camp that something had happened. The mother feels the camp should have been put on lock down and the parents should be notified as to what had happened right after the incident had occurred. 

Steven Satovsky, says they did follow the procedure and did everything possible to protect the children. He says, he went out to the play ground and notified the Beverly Hills Police Department and shortly after, him and his staff composed a letter to give to the parents regarding the incident. The boy's mother said, the letter was very vague, only indicating that there was an incident of harassment at the day camp. The letter did not mention, there was an incident of harassment by two non-BHC teenage boys involving a gun.

The camp did not follow school procedures. School procedure is to bring all the children into the building and put the school on lock down even in the event there is a gunman in the area. Not only was there a gunman in the area, but on school grounds. The Beverly Hills Day Camp is held at the Beverly Hills Elementary School, therefore they should be bound by the school's policy. Regardless, if it was teenage boys with a gun. Teenagers nor anyone else that intends on using a gun to commit a crime with for that fact can not be trusted with a gun.


  1. "Teenagers nor anyone else for that fact can not be trusted with a gun." Out of curiousty is this your comment? Are you saying in genreal that all people can not be trusted with gun? Besides a police officer that is?

  2. Someone who has an intent on committing a crime with a gun cannot be trusted. Police officers or the average citizen who has a permit to carry a gun usually aren't a threat.

  3. Ok I was just wondering. I believe the same thing about someone who has the intent on commiting a crime cannot be trusted. I am a person who has a permit to carry concealed. That was the only reason I was asking :)


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