Thursday, June 30, 2011

Word Of The Day "Bonkers"

School is out for the summer and so are the kids. My house has seen a lot of traffic this week and it is getting difficult to keep up with all the little feet running in and out. Not to mention, our Gatorade, soda and snack stock is quickly depleting. With the exception of maybe one or two parents, most parents around here won't let children in the house to use the bathroom or get something to drink. So, where do they all head when they are out playing? To my house, because I don't have the heart to say they can't come in and use the bathroom or get something to drink. The other day, I was sitting and working at my computer and in comes my son with four other boys. They started walking through the living room and I was beginning to wonder when was the line of boys going to end for a minute. I don't get some parents, they don't have a problem with their child going to someone Else's house for bathroom breaks, drinks and snacks. But, they won't allow anyone else to even come in the house to use the bathroom if they all happen to be out playing by their house. I had so many kids coming in and out over the weekend and Monday and Tuesday. Finally Tuesday afternoon, I said no more kids in the house for the rest of the day. Because, even if they are two blocks away playing, they walk all the way over here for their bathroom break and to get something to drink. Our grocery bill always jumps up in the summer months when the kids get out of school. I think more parents should allow kids in to use the bathroom or to get something to drink to even things out a little bit. So, it doesn't put so much pressure on one parent. I would like to have a little chat with some of these parents.


  1. You go girl! I think that chat is long over due but I can understand your predicament. However I agree that it's terribly unfair to put the burden on one parent alone. Times have gotten hard and you should not be in any obligation to 'entertain' or feed additional children if none of the other parents are willing to do the same. You will really go bonkers if you keep doing that. More power to you! :-)

  2. Yeah, I know. Guilt does me in everytime. I just imagine some kid wetting themselves on their way to use the bathroom, because I said no.


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