Saturday, February 5, 2011

Araminta Harriet Greene Tubman.... "Moses of her People"

Araminta Harriet Greene Tubman (1820 - 1913), known as the "Moses of her People", spent her life fighting slavery, helping slaves flee for freedom in the underground railroads, and fought for women's rights. Harriet Tubman was born into slavery and married a free black, John Tubman and fleed slavery through the underground railroads. Harriet Tubman fled to Philadelphia to escape her husband who threatened to sell her to slavery in the south for helping to free other slaves. Throughout 10 years Harriet Tubman helped rescue over 300 slaves flee the south and escape slavery. Harriet Tubman worked as a nurse, a scout and a spy for the Union during the Civil War. In Auburn, New York she founded the Harriet Tubman Home for Aged Negroes and worked for the voting rights of African Americans. Harriet did not accept the life that was chosen for her, she fought for her freedom and the freedom of other slaves. Harriet Tubman was a strong courageous woman and is a great inspiration to many people. She is a true icon in history.

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