Friday, January 14, 2011

What Can You Do With Duct Tape?

Some people are duct tape crazy. They use duct tape to fix everything. Duct tape can be a great thing in a bind. But, I am not sure I would go as far as these people with their bizarre duct tape uses.

This may keep anyone from stealing his bike, but it will take them a little while to take all the tape off to ride the bike.

Cheap car repair if you don't mind the appearance.

A couple of friends decided to repair this old couch that was falling apart with duct tape. Pretty creative.

This prom dress is made entirely from duct tape from the hat to her shoes. Duck brand Duct Tape holds a scholarship contest every year and the winner wins a $3,000 scholarship.

Look at these pants made from duct tape. Hmmm... interesting.

Duct tape purse.

This purse is made with zebra duct tape.  Not bad... I'm not sure I would sport this purse. But, it's kind of cute.

Duct Tape Shoes... This is going a little far. They look like space shoes.

Another duct tape prom dress.... very colorful.


  1. Duct tape is the greatest! It cures everything from a broken heart to the crack of dawn!

  2. lol. I know a few people who are duct tape crazy. That's why I thought this was funny. My dad says "duct tape it."

  3. I've got four rolls of it in my tool box. With spackle, wood putty, and a roll of duct tape, I can build a battleship in my backyard!

  4. Hey, do it. You could post it on the internet and maybe become famous.


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