Friday, January 14, 2011

Preschool Or No Preschool

A few months ago, I ran into a Mom who thought she was doing a wonderful thing by being a stay at home mom. She says to me, my husband and I thought it would be best for our children if I stayed home with them and besides I don't know how people drop their children off in day cares and leave them there all day. I didn't really appreciate that comment, all of my children were in learning centers and they turned out very well. Being a stay at home mom can be a wonderful thing. But, it is not always best for your child if your not taking the opportunity to educate your child while your staying at home with your little ones. I try not to judge others. In this case, it may have been better for her to put her children in a daycare or learning center as young children. They may have gotten some very valuable skills from a daycare that they didn't get at home. I will put it this way, I don't allow my child to play with this boy anymore. He runs around harassing other children and doing inappropriate things that a boy his age should not be doing, i.e looking for pornography online at the age of 11. Hmmm.... where did he get that from?

Children are a "tabula rosa" (a blank slate). Their minds are like little sponges, absorbing everything in their surroundings. They watch everything we do and they learn from us. Children learn through association. They are not capable of knowing what words and objects represent until we teach them what they represent. I don't really believe in bad children, I believe in bad parenting skills. We can either help them fill up their chalk board with positive learning experiences that will help them grow and be happy children or we can leave their chalk board blank and just allow them absorb their surroundings taking from it what they can.

I have never fully understood why so many parents are against putting their children in a daycares or learning centers. I personally prefer learning centers. I enrolled all my children in learning centers and they are all intelligent children. My two youngest were enrolled in all day kindergarten at the age of four. I don't regret giving them the opportunity to get a head start in school. They both excel in school and are honor roll students.

I was a preschool teacher in the past. I taught a classroom of three year old children. We were required to write lesson plans and teach the children. Children will amaze you. If given the opportunity they can learn amazing things at the age of three. If you are taking the time to teach your children at home, that can also be a wonderful thing. Just make sure you understand your child's full learning potential.

Obviously, not everyone feels daycare or learning centers are best for their children. I just think it is an option that should not be ruled out. Even if you don't want to enroll your children in for a full day, look into part time. See what is the best time of the day to bring your child. Children can learn valuable socialization skills and reach their full learning potential in learning centers. Let's not forget, it's fun to play with other children. If you do decide to educate your little one at home, you can find preschool lesson plans on line to help you educate your child and help make learning fun.


  1. Hi Tracy,
    Just joined Mom Bloggers Club last night, so thanks for the friend invite. :)
    I loved this post about preschool/no preschool! I was a kindergarten and Head Start teacher and made the decision to stay at home with my children as they were growing up. I actually ran a home daycare for the children of local teachers during those years. For me it worked out it did for those teachers who left their children with me. It is definitely a personal choice for parents...based on many factors. Being a SAHM and keeping your children with you, instead of putting them in a daycare or learning center is the right and best choice for some, but not for others. And you are so right about not judging. :)

  2. Thank you for stopping by and leaving the nice comment.

  3. Thanks for your honest blog. Following you back and it's very much a personal choice -- I think as long as we can enhance our children's lives we are all doing the right thing! It's a matter of making the right choice for you and your little one(s). --- Mama Susanna


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