Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mayhem In The Morning

I woke up this morning to the kids fighting over the bathroom. Sammy was taking too long in the shower and Adam needed to get in the bathroom to fix his faux hawk. I think she was taking her time in the bathroom just because he wanted in. He was mad because he went to school with his faux hawk looking like crap, because he didn't have enough time to get his faux hawk just right. They threw off my morning completely, because they were going back and forth for about a half hour no matter what I said. He's 11 years old and it literally takes him an hour in the morning to get ready for school. He take his shower, puts on his deodorant and cologne and carefully constructs his faux hawk. To me it looks like a Mohawk by the time he is done with it. He's a boy and he refuses to go anywhere with out his hair done and if he does, he has to wear a hat to cover his hair. The rest of his friends are still sporting the normal haircuts and t-shirts, polos and jeans. My son on the other hand, does his hair, puts on cologne, wears skinny jeans and concert t-shirts with his wallet that has a chain hanging from it. He even does this when he is going to play with his friends. At this rate, I have a long road ahead with the primping. He is a high maintenance boy and he's very difficult to buy clothes for. He never likes anything I pick out. I told him this morning, I was going to shave his Mohawk off because he looks like a rooster. I didn't think I would have to worry about them fighting over the bathroom until they became teenagers. Oh, and let's not forget she was yelling at him to shut the television off. Even though she turns it right back on as soon as he walks out the door to catch the bus.


  1. Hey Mrs. E
    I'm SO with ya, I had a morning simular to yours. Right now I'm crying over my makeup. Apparently one of my lovely children dumped water into it :0(

  2. Oh my, I would have had a heart attack. I love my make up. Poor woman, I feel you.


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