Monday, January 10, 2011

Are We The Masters???

Sasha Marie (Sasha Kitty)
Sir Broderick Maximus (Max)

We think we are the masters of our pets. However, it's an illusion, our pets are the masters of us. They have us wrapped around their furry little paws. Shortly after we bring them home, they develop an unspoken communication with us. We feed them, we let them outside, we walk them, we buy them their toys and so on. Sasha for instance, last night when I was in the bathroom, she pushes the door open and sits there and stares at me. Then when I begin walking out of the bathroom she goes running into the kitchen. She's telling me to follow her into the kitchen and she is showing me she wants her canned food. I take the food out of the refrigerator and give it to her in her dish, she sniffs the food and sits down and looks at me as if she were saying "This is not the one I wanted." Then she runs away refusing to eat the food.
My cat is a little confused, she thinks she is a dog. She refuses to drink water from a cat dish, she will dump the water on the floor if you put water in her dish. Sasha has her bowl of cat food, but she also drinks water from the dog dish and will nibble on dog food through out the day, and she rarely ever uses her litter box unless it's raining outside or too cold for her to go out. She will stand at the back door and meow for someone to let her out. It's not the dog I have to watch when small children come over, it's the cat. She will bite if an unsuspecting little person picks her up. She let's us know when she wants fresh water, when she wants to eat or go outside and we jump.
Now Max on the other hand has mastered being cute to get what he wants. Sure we taught him tricks. Such as, sitting pretty, waving bye bye and to shake on command. When Max wants to go out he comes and stares at us or stands at the back door if someone is in the kitchen and we get up and let him out. When someone is eating something he wants, he starts with sitting pretty. Which he has mastered very well. He can sit there for a long time and he will until he gets what he wants. If that doesn't work, he waives bye bye. At least we think he is waving bye bye. In actuality, he is probably saying "hello, I'm down here doing tricks. Will you pay attention to me already?" If that doesn't work then he goes to the stare down.

It's like he is saying "I am going to stay here until you give me something. You can see the intensity in his eyes. On one occasion, we went to a family members house for the holiday. We left in the afternoon and didn't come back until late that night. Well, Max was obviously displeased with us for leaving him home alone most the day and took a dump on our sofa. It was like he was saying "I will teach you a lesson for leaving me home alone all day. Thank God, it was a leather sofa and easy to clean or I probably would have been more upset. We feed our pets, walk our pets, drive them around, buy them treats and toys, then we jump and get up when they want us to. So, who is the master? Are we the master of our pets or are they the masters of us?


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