Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nut Allergies

My daughter had a severe allergic reaction to something yesterday. She broke out in a rash all over her and her breathing was sounding a little raspy. When I got her to the emergency room her vitals were running a little low. Talk about scary.  She had to be taken to the emergency room. They only thing out of the ordinary we can link it to is the birthday cake we bought from Kroger for my son's birthday. She has a severe allergy to nuts. Her allergy to nuts is so severe that if someone is eating peanut butter next to her, she will have a reaction. We can't even keep it in the house. Two years ago, she had a reaction to my son eating a peanut butter sandwich and spent Thanksgiving morning in the emergency room. But, there wasn't supposed to be nuts in the cake. She didn't eat the cake on Sunday when we bought it, but she ate the cake Monday night. When she woke up, She was covered in a rash. The worst I have ever seen. The bakeries should be a little more cautious about making sure the surfaces and cookware they use are clean and free from any debris what so ever. The people who work in the bakeries forget that nut allergies is one of the worst food allergies and can be life threatening. I am seriously thinking about taking her emergency room papers up to Kroger to speak with someone there. Not that it would do any good. They will probably deny it had anything to do with their cake.

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