Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My little boy has a date!!!!!

This dreaded day has come. My 11 year old son has a date for the dance on Friday. Girls are no longer considered yucky to him. Yesterday my son asked if he could go to the dance on Friday. So, I said okay, he's in middle school now. Well, then announces he has a date. My first instinct was to say "No, you can't. Your too young!" I felt my stomach drop to the floor. But, I didn't say no. I just asked "with who?" He proceeds to tell me "Luz, the new girl at school." So, I told him, "Okay, if your old enough to have a date for the dance you have to save your allowance money and pay for the tickets." I raised him well. He said "I know, I have $12.00 saved for the dance so I can buy our tickets." Where did he learn that from? I didn't teach him the boys are supposed to pay for the date yet. I didn't have a chance to. I never planned on him liking girls so early. I am definitely not ready for this. Thank God, my husband can give him the little talk about the "Birds & The Bees" because being a mother, I have no clue how to go about that with boys. My daughter is turning 10 in a few short weeks and I was dreading that I will have to talk to her about her little monthly friend that will be coming to visit her before I know it. I wasn't thinking about my son liking girls at such a young age. I should have known it was coming with him with all his new found concern about his hair, clothes and wearing deodorant and cologne. Not to mention his cell phone is glued to him at all times and there is an initial in his phone under contacts that turned out to be for a girl!!! He's 11 and he deletes his text messages!!! I don't remember growing up so quickly. Now it just seems to happening so fast and I'm not ready for it.

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