Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tish, Tish on Tiger!

Why is it that Tiger doesn't seem to think he should be upheld to the same standards as everyone else.  Tiger went on television saying he was going to change and start controlling his temper on the course.  Apparently Saturday, Tiger was full of profanity when things didn't go his way.  I am sorry, but Tiger Woods acts like a 2 year old who throws temper tantums when things don't go his way and hasn't mastered self-control yet.  Tiger Woods makes too much damn money to be so disresptful on the course.  I think all of his money and fame has gone to his head and he doesn't seem to think he should follow the same rules as everyone else.  Tiger should learn to think with the God given head that was put on his shoulders and learn a little self control.  The tournaments are broadcast live, Tiger gets paid very well and he should respect the rules of live broadcasts.  Tiger Woods needs to realize all his money and fame can dissappear just as fast as he got it.  Grow up, Tiger!

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