Friday, April 16, 2010

Detroit Rated In The Top Ten Worst Places In The World?

CNN rated Detroit, Michigan in the top ten most dangerous places in the world, right up there with Baghdad. Seriously, I know Detroit is bad. But, come on. I have been in Irag, and I would much rather be live 30 minutes outside of Detroit than 30 minutes outside of Baghdad. I haven't had to worry about a bomb going off while I'm sitting in my home yet.  But, when I was in Irag, the post office was bombed. Everyone was scared at first, then everything went back to normal shortly after the bomb going off. It's a way of life in the Middle East. I wasn't even in Baghdad, I was in Samawa. I think that is a serious over statement about Detroit. It is farely safe to walk around in Detroit during the day, but you never now when a bomb is going to go off in Bagdad, day or night. I am sure I could come up with my own top ten worst places in the world to be, but Detroit would be up there in the top ten.

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