Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Wedding Announcement

Today my 18 year old daughter sent me a text message to tell me she was getting married in July.  Is that really how they do it now a days, you send a text message to tell your mother you are getting married in 5 months?  I knew they were engaged, that part is not a surprise but they were not supposed to get married until July of 2011. What is the rush? My daughter always seems to be in a rush to do everything.  She was in a hurry to grow up and then move out. Which she did before she even graduated from highshool.  Now that she has accomplished those tasks, she is in a rush to get married. I wished her well and I am trying to be positive about the whole thing. If they really love each other as much as they say they do, they will still be together a year from now. I hope they have a long and happy marriage together and she never has to experience divorce, as I have.

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