Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Talk Shows

Since I have been laid off, I have started watching some of these crazy talk shows like Maury and Jerry Springer during the day. Where do they find all these crazy people to go on their shows and run the show five days a week? Are there that many crazy people in the United States and they are not shy about going on national television airing their dirty laundry to the world? Not only do they air their dirty laundry to the world, they go up on stage and act as if they are proud to be up their making a fool of themselves. For the Maury Show, I have to hand it to him for doing all these paternity tests to help mothers prove who is the baby daddy. The woman who kill me are the ones who get up there and swear he is the baby daddy knowing there is the possibility that he is not, then they act shocked running off stage swearing "it can't be true." Seriously, women if you know there is a possibility that he is not your baby's daddy, do the test in private. Don't air it on national television. Think about the kids, when they get older someone is going to tell them your mother is such a hoe, she don't even know who your daddy is. Guys if your girlfriend or wife is dragging you on national television to prove your infidelity and you know you are lying to her, save yourself the embarrassment and tell the truth. Instead of going up there swear you are telling the truth and they prove you are lying. You played the game, now be a man and stand up and pay the piper.

The Jerry Springer show, I would have to write a book to comment on that. Those people blow my mind.  But, you have to admit Jerry always has some wise words of wisdom after the show.  Maybe people should learn from his guests stupidity. Well, it's a good laugh.

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