Saturday, January 30, 2016

The State Department found 22 classified emails in Hillary Clinton's emails

The State Department has found 22 emails that contained classified information that was not sent via a secure server. The State Department will not be releasing the content the emails, because it is classified information. These emails violate the highest level of government classification.

Hillary Clinton claims, because those emails were not marked as classified in the email subject line or in the email itself, the emails do not jeopardize national security.

Hillary Clinton apologized for using a personal email account for all her emails. Therefore, she should be excused for putting the national security in jeopardy. What a world this would be, if we could all just apologize and be excused for the crimes committed. Every criminal would be set free to create chaos in the nation we live in.

The Clinton Foundation made a statement, that voters are not concerned about the emails. That statement alone should tell voters, just how naive Hillary Clinton thinks the American people are.

Hillary Clinton put a insecure server in her home, the server was used for confidential information and her personal server was hacked. Our secrets are out there in the hands of our enemies.

Hillary Clinton should not be permitted to run for President of the United States. Clinton's lax practices as Secretary of State put the entire nation at risk. 

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