Thursday, January 14, 2016

FBI Expanding Investigation Into Hillary Clinton's Personal Email Account

The FBI is currently expanding their investigation in the Hillary Clinton email scandal and how sensitive information got into her personal email account. The FBI has now come into contact with some independent investigators on the corruption of the Clinton Foundation.

The State Department and other intelligence agencies are now trying to determine if other classified information was in her personal email account.

On January 11, 2016, the Judge ordered the state department to release 29,000 pages of emails from Clinton's Aid Huma Abedon. Abedon is Clinton's most trusted aide, who has been with her since Hillary Clinton was the First Lady.

Investigators also found that Abedon made arrangements that allowed her to work for the Clinton Foundation and the state at the same time receiving financial gains from both the Foundation and the state.

The FBI has found a series of accounting and financial irregularities in the Clinton Foundation and spending money without approval.

The second probe into the investigation is foreign entities made favorable contributions to the Clinton foundation,

Investigators have also found two emails from Hillary Clinton's subordinates in which she attempted to keep her discrepancies secure. One being an email Clinton received from her subordinate saying, they could not get the secured State Department fax machine to work and her answer was to send it on a regular fax. The second being an email regarding her foreign contributions and her husband's pay for speaking gigs, asking her subordinate to remove the confidential stamp before sending it to her.  

These two emails shows Clinton failed to secure State Department secrets and exhibits her negligence of the Secretary of State.

The investigation can lead into a criminal probe if the FBI determines laws regarding classified information was broken. 

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