Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Islamic State: Yazidi Women Captured and Raped

One of the major problems with Islamic Extremism is the maltreatment of women, as seen with the horror stories in Afghanistan. Islamic Extremists have taken bits and pieces of the Koran to enslave and poorly treat women.

ISIS kidnap and purchase women or force families to turn over their daughters to become slaves and breeders for the next generation of ISIS fighters. The women are beaten and repeatedly raped. The women can be put up for sale or given as gifts to other groups fighters for slaves.

Video after video can be found of young girls and women who have been raped and tortured by IS fighters. Listening to these girls stories brings knots in my stomach and run chills down my spine. These girls stories are horror stories. 

The group's Department of Research and Fatwas (religious edicts) has issued a pamphlet with the chillingly matter-of-fact title: "Questions and Answers on Taking Captives and Slaves". The pamphlet instructs fighters on sexually activity with female captives and is given out during Friday prayer in Mosul.

The IS fighters believe Allah gives the girls to Jihadis as a gift and Allah's law. The IS fighters gather and sell their slaves. IS fighters believe the Yazidi girls are cheap and sell them for 15 American dollars.

Translated below by. Paul Wood BBC

"Christians, Jews and Yazidi women can all be taken as slaves, it says. Women can be bought, sold, and given as gifts; they can be disposed of as property if a fighter dies.
The pamphlet's Q&A format includes the following:
Question: Is it allowed to have intercourse with a female captive immediately after taking possession of her? Answer: If she is a virgin, her master can have intercourse with her immediately after taking possession. But if she is not, you must make sure she is not pregnant.
Question: Is it allowed to have intercourse with a female slave who has not reached puberty? Answer: You may have intercourse with a female slave who hasn't reached puberty if she is fit for intercourse. However, if she is not fit for intercourse, it is enough to enjoy her without.
It is a depraved and depressing document, at odds with mainstream Islam, though well-researched with Koranic verses and hadiths, or reports of what the Prophet Muhammad said or approved.
One theory is that the pamphlet was actually issued to try to restrain the more outlandish behavior of IS fighters. It says, for instance that a man may not sleep with his wife's slave, or with another man's slave; and that a man may own two sisters but not sleep with them at the same time."
This is who the Obama administration and upcoming Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton thinks we should empathize with and try to reform. It is not a handful of ISIS fighters are committing these barbaric crimes against women and girls. Enslavement and rape is part of their belief system. I can not even imagine how any parent can say we should empathize with ISIS. 

If we are hearing these stories, I can guarantee our government has already heard these heart breaking stories of these young girls. Where is the empathy for these young girls and women who have been permanently scarred emotionally and physically for the rest of their lives, if they make it out alive. 

ISIS doesn't deserve  the air they waste with every breath they take. Murder, rape and slavery is what they call religion.

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