Monday, March 2, 2015

Hillary Clinton's Fundraising Mess

It is not a surprise the Hillary Clinton Foreign Fund Raising Campaign is blowing up in her face as she prepares to run as Presidential candidate. The Clinton Foundation accepted millions of dollars from foreign countries during Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State. Aid from seven foreign countries always comes with a price tag we will pay for later.

The fundraising funds went to assist in relief all around the world and the United States is going to have to pay the price to aid foreign countries. Undoubtedly, the funds from the global charities goes to saving lives. However, funds have come from questionable democratic governments such as Algeria, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait an Qatar.

Now that Hillary Clinton is planning on announcing her candidacy in April, it opens the doors to the potential problem of foreign countries getting their claws into the United States. We have seen a similar mess with Bill Clinton as the President of the United States with his foreign policy, we are now faced with millions of Americans out of work due to U.S. companies moving their businesses over seas for cheaper labor and lower taxes and a country where our products primarily come from foreign imports and with nearly zero exports. 

The Clinton foundation failed to follow their own rules and targeted countries that would love to have influence over a potential future Presidential candidate. The American people would be committing suicide buy voting for a Presidential candidate that is willing to sell our country out for a few dollars. 

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