Monday, December 8, 2014

Racism in America

According to PolitiFact and the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics 93% of black crimes were committed by people of their own race. It is more rare for a African American to be killed by a police officer than by another African American.

In 1860, William Ellison was South Carolina's largest slave owners. Ellison was formally a slave and purchased land to start a cotton farm. Ellison was also guilty of slave breeding. Ellison felt the women slaves were little use to the farm and decided to breed and sell slaves.  Many of Ellison's slaves either ran away or attempted to run away due to his poor treatment. Slavery was wrong period, regardless of who did the enslaving.

What is also left out of the great slave debate that is used to add fuel to the fire of racism in America is Africa sold their citizens into the life of slavery. Indentured servants were white. Most of the indentured servants were paid very little and often died before paying off their debt. Therefore, slavery is a crime also committed against white Americans.

The recent death of Michael Brown has ignited a fire in the United States. Michael Brown was not an innocent victim. Why is an innocent person supposed to go to jail or just lay down and die, because he is white and the criminal is black. When a black police officer killed Dillon Taylor, a white criminal in Utah there was no protesting saying it was police violence. It was proven that Michael Brown punched the police officer and tried to take his gun. No matter who is standing there, if someone tries to kill you, you will defend yourself. Most the people protesting in Ferguson were not protesting because they cared about the life of Michael Brown, they saw it as an opportunity to commit crimes and get away with it. How does violence against innocent people justify the death of Michael Brown. Committing crimes against Non-African American citizens is not going to justify the death of Michael Brown? The people who race crimes are committed against are people who have nothing to do with the case of Michael Brown or are even racist. These crimes are not being committed against the KKK, they are being committed against innocent people. Violence only breeds violence.

Instead of protesting about the case of Michael Brown, protest and do something to change black on black crime.

Committing violent crimes against another race is racism regardless the race of the victim. The African American community should be against race motivated violent crimes. Racism breeds racism and will only divide the races. 

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