Tuesday, October 21, 2014

New Travel Bans Placed on Travel From West Africa

All travelers from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea

The CDC is now requiring passengers fly into these five airports who are flying from the Ebola hot zones and new safety measures are now to be taken. Those individuals who are conducting the screening are required to wear more safety gear and there is to be no skin exposed. What does that say for those individuals flying on those planes and the airline employees? Ebola is highly more contagious than the CDC would like the American public to know. 

The Ebola virus is way more contagious than the common cold. If those wearing protective gear can catch the Ebola virus from patients even with protective gear, then the CDC is not being honest with the American people.

Even West Africa put travel restrictions from other Ebola hot zones. Sounds like West Africa has a better grip on the Ebola Crisis than our own American Government does. Hundreds of Americans have already been exposed to the Ebola virus and the numbers will continue to increase everyday until the CDC take the necessary steps to control an outbreak from happening here in the United States.

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