Thursday, October 16, 2014

Capitol Hills' Ebola Hearing

Dr. Fauci from the CDC at today's Capitol Hill Ebola hearing, says there are 100-150 people per day coming to the United States from the Ebola hot zones. With up to 150 people per coming to the United States from the Ebola hot zones puts Americans at serious risk of an Ebola outbreak. A travel ban still has not been placed on travel from West Africa. The CDC feels placing a travel ban on West Africa will be catastrophic to West Africa and American citizens in West Africa. An outbreak in the United States would be catastrophic to American citizens.

Other countries have already placed a travel ban on citizens traveling from West Africa. If other countries are placing travel bans, then why are we not placing a travel ban on travel from West Africa? Dr. Fauci is concerned that putting a travel ban would prevent the CDC from obtaining information about who is coming from West Africa and people may travel from other countries to conceal their travel from West Africa. People traveling from West Africa who are now trying to conceal their travel to West Africa are most likely already doing that to ensure their entrance back in to the United States.

In fact, the CDC has not restricted travel for animals yet. Dogs can carry  the virus but, dogs do not exhibit any symptoms and do not get sick from the virus. Some people flying overseas take their animals with them. The CDC needs to get more serious about this travel ban proposal. There is no time to continue sitting on this. It is time for CDC to step up to the plate and seriously address the Ebola crisis.

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