Saturday, September 15, 2012

Meet Ruby

Photo: Ruby our new addition to the family.

We finally decided to get Max his baby, one that wouldn't be leaving him. We found our adorable little Ruby Thursday. We have Max, so we named her Ruby after the kids cartoon Max & Ruby. The name fits her, she is a little gem.

Photo: Max sitting and relaxing on the couch arm while catching some rays

Max loves any little animal. Whenever they leave him he get's upset and won't eat, so we decided to get him a little friend for him to watch over. Since, we brought him little Ruby, he quit chewing on his feet. Wheaten Terriers were used to herd, watch and guard the sheep and farm animals. So, we thought maybe part of his anxiety problem is he doesn't have any animals to watch. So, we got him a little kitty cat to watch over and protect.

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