Thursday, July 12, 2012

Phoenix Woman Accused Of Giving Her 2 Yr. Old Beer

Phoenix AZ, 36 year old, Valerie Marie Topete  is being charged with child abuse after pouring beer in her 2 year old son's sippy cup on Tuesday. Police say a waitress at the Peter Piper Pizza reported that, she witnessed Valerie Topete pouring beer in her son's cup. She also states, she witnessed Topete leave her son alone at the table for a brief period. The boy's father and two other siblings 4 and 8 were also in the restaurant,  but it was not indicated where they were at the time. 
When police questioned the woman on why she gave her son beer, she told police she gave him the beer, because he kept reaching for the pitcher of beer. 
Stories like this amaze me. First, what were they both doing drinking while out to dinner with their children. Who planned on driving? Second, does she not know how to say no to her child even when it is something that is bad for him? If he asked her to go play in the street with cars, would she let him? Some parents have no common sense what so ever when it comes to child rearing. 
The boy was released to his father. In my view, the father isn't any better. She wouldn't have done it if the father ever stepped in and questioned her. The boy was taken to the emergency room for evaluation as a precaution. 

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