Thursday, May 10, 2012

Doctors Love Making Us Wait

I was sitting at the doctor's office waiting to be taken back. Of course he is late as usual. Why is it a doctor can be consistently late for almost every appointment. However, they ask us to come ten or fifteen minutes early. For what??? So, they can make us sit and wait even longer. Sometimes I wonder if ot is something they teach them in medical school. If we were late coming to our appointment, it would be a big issue even if they aren't ready for us. Go figure


  1. You are dead on about this one. When I bring my little one to her pediatrician for her check up the doctors are always late. Annoying

    1. It is very annoying! Like we don't have anything better to do with our time but to sit around waiting on them to finally get to you. Last week I waited 45 minutes past my appointment, not to include the 10 minutes I waited for my appointment. I had a appointment once where the doctor went to lunch. We watched him walk and the receptionist told a person who came in while he was gone that he went to lunch. Total lack of respect.


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