Saturday, February 11, 2012

Be Honest With Me

In the past couple of months, I have noticed some companies are not being completely truthful with you when you ask them questions or their employees are just flat out incompetent. It seems like they will try and sell you a pot of gold at the end of rainbow just to get you to buy something. One thing that really makes me angry is someone lying to me just to make a sale. It is my money, so I expect them to be honest with me and let me make my own decision.

Recently, I purchased new cell phones for myself and my kids. The salesman told me, if I purchase an HTC I would get three months free of internet and I had a rebates for all three lines. After I received my bill, I called T-Mobile and they said no such offer of free internet exists or has ever existed. Then the salesman added insurance to all three lines when I told him I only wanted insurance on my line. Then to top it off, he gave me the wrong rebate form to fill out and they rejected my rebate. So, when I call T-Mobile's rebate center the employee filled out a new rebate form. Well, of coarse it is difficult anymore to find an employee who actually listens to you when your talking. She filled out the form over the phone. When I got the rebate card in the mail it was only for $20.00. The rebate should have been for $90.00, she only filled out the rebate for one line. So, of course I had to contact T-Mobile again. We will see what their response is now.

Secondly, I called H & R Block regarding having our taxes done. I asked the employee about the rapid refund,  he told me yes we still have it, but we just call it something else. I asked him "How long will it take to get our refund back?" He told me one to two days. So, I set up the appointment and when we get there and ask her about it, rapid refund no longer exists. The standard is two weeks, which is the same we could have done on Tax Act and paid less money to do.

What it all boils down to, is I am tired of people lying to me to get me to purchase something. Things are getting down right ridiculous. I think companies are hurting for business and will stop at nothing to get you to buy something. They act like your stupid and are not going to figure it out they lied to you. I am on the verge of going off on one of these sales employees who lie to me to get me to purchase something. 


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