Sunday, January 8, 2012

Teen Charged With Sex Trafficking

MEMPHIS, TN -(WMC-TV) - A 19-year-old Lilmikea Hunter was charged with sex Trafficking. 
She invited a 15 year old runaway over for a sleep over and forced her into prostitution. Shelby County Investigators say, Lilmikea invited the girl over in early December for a sleepover after meeting her at skating rink and multiple men paid Lilmikea to have sex with the young girl. 
Her mother said, her daughter called home Christmas Eve and said she was being held against her will. Now, Lilmikea Hunter is being charged with Sex Trafficking. 
How scary to think your child can be lured home by another teen and forced into prostitution. Kids think of everything now a days. 


  1. Really great women harming women..I am disgusted!

  2. It is terrible when you hear of men doing it to women. It's even worse to hear a woman doing it to another woman.


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